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Set comes with all 5 Gloss Colors as shown on photo (Bubble Gum, Muted Rose Pink, Bare Nude, Moca, and Brown Sugar). Color Drip Set is High-shine, high-pigment lip gloss with a smooth & silky feel. Always shiny. Never sticky.

Marble Surface

We are a vegan and cruelty free cosmetics company founded in 2018. We want our products to make you look good and feel amazing, while being kind to the environment. Our journey is only just beginning. When it comes to how we invest all our time and money, we will always remain true to our makeup with high-quality ingredients, luxurious textures and innovative formulas with a cleaner standard. We offer cosmetics for all shades so that each individual can feel confident in whatever shade is chosen. Whether you’re on a shoestring budget or have problematic skin, there’s an ethical option for you. Our mission is help you find a vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic line that works for you!


The kind of lipstick you wear on a hot first date. 

Headed to an interview or lunch with friends, this may be your match.

Dare to be naughty? If so, try our Sweet Dream.


"When i say i love all of them...MAN, they feel so good on my lips AND the colors are THE BOMB‼️IM IN LOVE .Thank you Kiss My Matte Beauty for your professionalism and amazing product quality‼️ Dereka Dereka .."

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